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Sermons on Philippians (Page 2)

Standing Firm

In this message, I want to show that as Christians our manner of life reflects on the Gospel. The Gospel is the greatest message this world will ever hear because it portrays the Lord of Glory. The great need within the church is a recognised and practised demonstration of Unity where Christians are at One…

Firm in the Lord

I am conscious of the pressures being faced by many in the congregation I, therefore, won’t see Paul as an example of using difficulty for good and showing pressures should bring out our love, knowing that our faith in the Lord is not in vain. Philippians 4:1 English Standard Version (ESV) 4 Therefore, my brothers,[a]…

Pressing on

Persevering isn’t easy so why should we press on, why should we persevere in the Christian life? In this passage Paul’s reasons are because: 1. God has called us to press on 2. We are warned there are enemies of the cross 3. Jesus is our hope