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Sermons by Dafydd Williams

How do I keep content?

Paul is writing to the Philippians from prison and yet he says he knows what it is to be content! For Paul, contentment is not found in circumstances, but it is always found in Jesus! Many people struggle today with feeling content and that is because it is based on our situation. In these verses…

What is the Gospel?

In the opening verses of Galatians, Paul seeks to immediately remind his readers of the one true gospel. In this passage we see that the gospel has authority, that the gospel of grace through Christ brings peace, that the gospel means rescue by God’s will and that the gospel brings glory to God. Greeting 1…

Pressing on

Persevering isn’t easy so why should we press on, why should we persevere in the Christian life? In this passage Paul’s reasons are because: 1. God has called us to press on 2. We are warned there are enemies of the cross 3. Jesus is our hope