A community in which to grow!

Prayer meeting

These are held typically on a Wednesday evening but may vary depending on other events. Most months we will have two Bible Study and prayer meetings; a missionary meeting; and local groups which are held in homes around the city.

At our Bible Study and Prayer Meetings someone,  one of our church leaders, will give a short Bible Study followed by matters for prayer and everyone present is free to lead in prayer.

At Mission Prayer Meetings it is our normal practice to invite a speaker from one of the many missionary sending agencies that we support to give us an update on their work. Again we close this meeting with an opportunity for all to pray.

Our Local Groups are usually held on the third Wednesday of each month (check the church diary) and are held in the homes of church members (contact us for details). These are much smaller than our main prayer meeting and are aimed at developing closer outreach, fellowship as well as leadership development. Although in different groups we all follow an agreed point of discussion and all members are encouraged to contribute.

Cluster meetings

Our regular prayer meetings are also supplemented three times a year by what we call Cluster Prayer Meetings. These give us an opportunity to demonstrate our shared Gospel commitment with five other churches who form part of the AECW (Associating Evangelical Churches of Wales). We visit each others church buildings for these meetings. The churches in our cluster are shown below: