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The General Data Protection Regulations require us to inform you what personal information is held by Emmanuel Church, and how it is used. You may also determine how we use that information to communicate with you.

What does Emmanuel chapel use your data for?

The data is used to facilitate the following:

  • maintaining records to enable the pastor’s oversight of his congregation (eg name, address, and other contact details)
  • person-to-person contacts within the membership (eg the Members List, Prayer Diary)
  • organising church groups and activities (eg Rock, Toddlers, special events, etc)
  • evangelising outreach through leaflets, monthly gazette, internet etc (this may occasionally include photographs or videos of group activities)
  • meeting the legal requirements for financial management, including gift aid
  • paying employees, suppliers, making charitable donations
  • recording sermons/talks by visiting preachers/speakers

How do we look after your data?

  1. We acknowledge that your personal data (eg name, contact details, etc) are your own property and respect your right to make it available to us or withdraw it.
  2. We will always make our best endeavours to hold your data securely, and ensure that it is up-to-date and accurate.
  3. We will only hold such data as is necessary for church administration and activities, and remove it on request or else when it is no longer relevant.
  4. Only authorised persons have access to your data, and only such as falls within their area of responsibility.
  5. We will never share your data with any third party, unless required to do so by law.
  6. If you no longer wish to retain links with us then you may notify us at any time remove your details from our active database:

Any further information please Contact Us.