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"Mercy" Tagged Sermons

Finding Gods Mercy

During Advent, believers commemorate Christ’s incarnation and anticipate His promised return. After sin entered the world, man multiplied his corruption and rebellion against God, resulting in God sending a flood as a righteous judgement against sin. Not everyone perished, though. Noah found mercy and favour in God’s eyes and took shelter in the ark. While…

Living Faith

In this section, Paul shows us how as Christians we should respond to our security in Christ. We are to follow the teachings and guard the deposit. Many have turned away under pressure, but Onesiphorus is held up as an example of practical Christian living. 2 Timothy 1:13-18 English Standard Version (ESV) 13 Follow the…

Man on a Mission

The reluctant prophet is graciously dealt with by God. He goes on a mission to a people he inwardly despises. He preaches, they repent, God saves. A man on a mission equipped with a message will see a miracle because of God’s mercy. Focus verses Matthew 12:40-41 English Standard Version (ESV) 40 For just as…

Our Great High Priest

I hope to show that our confidence as Christians is completely tied up with completed and continuing work of the Lord Jesus Christ. He continues as our Great High Priest and having lived as a full human being understands the trials related to human life.

A Call to Return

Hezekiah became king at a time when God took authority from 10 of the tribes of Israel and defeated them using the Assyrians. He followed an evil king in Judah, so he called the people to active repentance having set a personal example and promising an experience of God’s grace.