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'Mercy' Tagged Sermons

Jesus the Messiah, A ministry of Mercy

In this passage, we can see that as Jesus starts His ministry he makes a declaration about Himself and what He says, how he says it and the events surrounding it make it clear that He is he the promised Messiah Jesus Begins His Ministry 14 And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit…

Our Great High Priest

I hope to show that our confidence as Christians is completely tied up with completed and continuing work of the Lord Jesus Christ. He continues as our Great High Priest and having lived as a full human being understands the trials related to human life.

A Call to Return

Hezekiah became king at a time when God took authority from 10 of the tribes of Israel and defeated them using the Assyrians. He followed an evil king in Judah, so he called the people to active repentance having set a personal example and promising an experience of God’s grace.