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Sermons from November 2017

Living Evangelism

Evangelism is a Biblical Imperative; not simply an organised event, but a reality seen in the lives of God’s people. As we develop our relationship with Christ, so evidence of the Gospel flows from us.

The last words of Jesus

Jesus’ last words before dying on the cross are recorded in Luke 23. However, many believe that the death of Jesus was the evil and vengeful action of an angry God on innocent and undeserving Jesus. Did Jesus utter these words out of fear and coercion or willingly and with confidence in his heavenly Father?

Baptism: A Means of Grace

Sermon text Acts 8:36 In this message I hope to explore the spiritual journeys of both Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, considering the possible hindrances to his baptism and the way in which none of these prevented his baptism, because of the glorious grace of God