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Sermons on Acts

The Spirit of Power

This message shows that the Day of Pentecost of a meeting of the Word of God and the Spirit of God. That Word was received by the people in the power of the Spirit leading to the conversion of about 3,000 people who aligned themselves with the Church, manifesting the work of the Spirit. 41…

As you saw Him go

This Message shows that the work of Christ on earth concluded in His ascension. He had completed His work, but He commissioned and equipped His disciples to continue the work, with the glorious certainty that when the Work is complete He will return for His people and they will live forever with Him. 11 and…

Renewed Motivation

I hope to show that even though at times we face difficult situations God is able to use these to further His work. We are to remain committed to our responsibilities, but where God makes it obvious we are to change for the furtherance of the Gospel. Acts 8:25 (ESV) Now when they had testified…

Jesus: All Sufficient

Every generation has tried to add something to the Gospel. In this message, I want to show that Jesus is the only one who is able and willing to save lost human beings. Faith in Him will cause division, but it is essential. Bible Reading 1 – Acts 4:1-12 Bible Reading 2 – 1 Corinthians…

Living Evangelism

Evangelism is a Biblical Imperative; not simply an organised event, but a reality seen in the lives of God’s people. As we develop our relationship with Christ, so evidence of the Gospel flows from us.

Baptism: A Means of Grace

Sermon text Acts 8:36 In this message I hope to explore the spiritual journeys of both Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, considering the possible hindrances to his baptism and the way in which none of these prevented his baptism, because of the glorious grace of God