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"Trials" Tagged Sermons

Faith that Works

The first chapter of James proceeds quickly from trials to maturity to wisdom. When we begin to recognise trials as a privilege that God allows, we can then discover joy and maturity. This process isn’t natural so we need God’s wisdom for it to properly run its course. James 1:1-15 ESV Greeting 1 James, a…

Facing Trials

The New Testament book of James is an intensely practical letter, focusing on how Christians should behave as we put the teachings of God’s Word into practice. Trials occur in every life but God enables believers to experience joy even in the midst of difficult circumstances. James 1:1-18 ESV Greeting 1 James, a servant[a] of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,…

Rejoice in Perfection

This message begins by calling us to rejoice in trials, then shows that we know that trials are a positive part of the Christian life. Their aim under God is to bring us to completeness rather than being left in a position of lacking. James 1:2-4 English Standard Version Testing of Your Faith 2 Count…

Our Fight with Faith

All of us face challenges in our Christian lives and like Peter are committed until the pressures builds. In the message I want us to see where our faith rests and how it will be tested along with the assurance that we have that it will be fulfilled.