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Only Fools and Courses

Chapter 10 of Ecclesiastes introduces us to the foolish person. We are all susceptible to making foolish choices that can destroy a good reputation. Being careless with our choices in this life is evidence that we are not prepared for the next. Only God is able to make us wise unto Salvation. Ecclesiastes 10:1-20 ESV…

Mother’s Advice

At a wedding in the town of Cana, Jesus miraculously turned water into wine. Every miracle Jesus performed pointed toward the cross. From His response to His mother’s reaction to the miracle itself, Jesus had His coming passion in mind. Here we see that Jesus is God and does what only God can do.

God’s Open Day!

Good Friday Service In this message, I want to see the message of the cross, more than the method of the cross and to see that Christ’s death did away with the barrier imposed by God from the Fall in order that we might know peace with God and have a renewed relationship with Him…

The last words of Jesus

Jesus’ last words before dying on the cross are recorded in Luke 23. However, many believe that the death of Jesus was the evil and vengeful action of an angry God on innocent and undeserving Jesus. Did Jesus utter these words out of fear and coercion or willingly and with confidence in his heavenly Father?