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Sunday 17th October 2021

Phil SwannIt was great to have Rev Phil Swann of Llanelli Free Evangelical Church as our visiting preacher while Pastor Andy was away on holiday. Phil preached at both our morning and evening services. In the morning he focused on Philippians 2 and the glorious humility of the Lord Jesus Christ. The pandemic has shown us we are not as strong as we thought we are – we are fragile. It has also shown us we are not in control, we are in very great need of relationship and friendship and many people in our world are fearful and many are angry. Paul was concerned that people should hear the gospel and he was concerned about the lives that the Christians were living.


In the evening, Phil preached from Acts 17 where Paul is before the Areopagus in Athens seeking to find a way in with the gospel into the tangled mess of the beliefs and opinions of the day.

Both services are available to watch on our YouTube channel.


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