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Good Friday Morning Service

All are welcome to join us to celebrate the Good News of Good Friday,

Easter Food or Fun or?

Easter like so many other Christian festivals has become another excuse for fun and food, rather than remembrance and rejoicing. So this Easter it would be good to remember and rejoice.

The first Good Friday, the start of the Easter weekend we remember that ‘Christ died for our sins.’. Jesus did not need to die; He was only in his 30’s and had never done anything wrong, therefore He died willingly for the sake of others. he took the punishment for sin. The same day, he was buried because his friends and enemies were convinced that he was dead.

It seemed all hope of power and victory were dashed, but we remember He was raised on the third day. His friends went to the grave, to complete the burial process, but were shocked to find the grave empty. They did not understand even though Jesus had told them this would happen.

Christians rejoice at Easter, because our punishment has been taken by another, and it has been proven that there is life after death. All who will believe that Jesus died in their place will be forgiven, with the assurance of being raised to eternal life with Jesus.






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