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Our vision is to grow leaders for growing churches, to see churches flourish in the gospel and drive forward in mission.

Union is for everyone. We offer a huge range of fine theological tools to bless and serve the whole church, from podcasts to PhDs and everything in-between. Whether you are part of a church, in leadership already, or want to be equipped to lead a local church in the future, there is something for you at Union.

There are four parts to Union’s ministry:

  • School of Theology – we have a campus in South Wales for full-time residential study, with excellent facilities and all the advantages of community learning and a growing network of hubs across the UK and Europe.
  • Union Resources – is our treasure trove of theologically-fuelled, pastorally-minded resources for the local church.
  • Union Research – As Calvin put it, ‘a good missionary is a good theologian; a good theologian is a good missionary.’ In order to grow good theologians so that the church can be fortified for mission, Union is setting up a theological research centre.
  • Union Mission – As individual Christians and church leaders delight in God and grow in Christ, we will see churches flourish.

Further information can be found on their website : https://www.ust.ac.uk/


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