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“The meetings are designed to be evangelistic. One of the series we did was to ask the speakers to speak on a biblical character who met God and then to give their personal testimony. Where we have already heard the speaker’s testimony, one of the leaders or another member of the church has given their testimony. I am sure I speak for all the leaders when I say that it has been a great encouragement to hear how God has saved and continued to bless individuals. Encouraging as this is, how much more encouraging would it be to hear some of the young people giving their testimony. We need to pray that we might not only have a reasonable number of young people attending but that they would be saved.

As in previous years, the summer term involved outdoor activities, finishing with an evangelistic message. A house party was once again arranged in Pembroke in the May half-term. A number of people worked very hard in the organisation, the speaking and the catering to make this possible and we are very grateful for this help.”

Trevor McMillen

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