Women’s Bible Study July 2017

We finished this year’s studies with Proverbs 31 looking at ‘The woman who fears the LORD’.

She is described as being ‘far more precious than jewels’ v1 and supportive of her husband who held a prominent position v23 and also her children and household v27,28. She is industrious,prudent and caring-v13,14,15,16.Also she conducts her life in a dignified manner v 25 ,and is wise and kind v26.

Also she attends to the wellbeing of others and is hard working v27.Although  many in society put value on personality and physical attractiveness,these things are transient and respect for God and His laws and teachings are of enduring value and honour Him v 30-‘a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised’.

The passage reminds us of how we are to live our lives in a way which honours God,puts Him first  and cares for others bearing testimony to the LORD.

The next Women’s fellowship meeting is on Monday 4th September at 7.30pm and bible study is on Thursday 21st September at 10.30am.


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