Let’s face it-singleness is a challenge and a blessing! Women’s fellowship 2 July 2018

We welcomed Fiona Steward who is the Women’s worker at Heath Evangelical Church Cardiff as our speaker

Fiona started with reading a section of 1Corinthians chapter 7 which deals with church issues concerning those who are married and single women.Singleness covers those who never marry,widowed,divorced and single mothers.




No sexual life/physical intimacy



The opinion of others


A deep longing to love/be loved(to have family)

Uncertainty about whether God wants you to be married or single(call?)


You can serve God with undivided devotion

More freedom and independence

Redeem your singleness-today!

Cultivate healthy relationships with singles(of same sex) and married of different ages.

Get an eternal perspective

Make Christ your only foundation

We must ensure whether married or single that Christ is the only foundation we are resting on,looking to Him for everything,finding our security and identity in Him alone and not in any other relationship.

Singleness and marriage both have their own challenges and blessings.Whatever our Father has lovingly given us,let’s be content and invest all he has entrusted to us for eternity.

If you are single don’t waste your singleness.Use the freedoms and time to devote yourself to God.If you are to remain single or marry one day you can trust Him to give you what is good-always.

Acknowledgement and thanks to Fiona for her talk and notes.

Seek your heavenly Husband first and keep your eyes on the eternal reward

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