Dear Friends,

Following our recent Week of Prayer series I thought this series of questions, taken from The Reformission Wales site, might be useful to help us consider our walk with God.

Questions That Search The Heart

1. Do you have spiritual assurance of your standing in Christ? How clear and vivid is it?

2. How does the Holy Spirit bear witness with your spirit that you are his child? Are you conscious of a growing spiritual light within, revealing more of the purity of God’s law, the holiness of God, the evil of sin, and the preciousness of the imputed righteousness of Christ?

3. Is your love for other Christians growing? Do you find yourself having a less censorious, judgemental spirit towards ‘weak’ Christians, those who fall, or those who are self-deceived? Have you been cold to anyone?

4. Is your conscience growing more tender to convict you of the very first motions of sin in the mind, such as the onset of resentment; worry, pride or jealousy; an inordinate desire for power, approval and material comfort; an over concern for your reputation? Are you becoming more aware of and more convicted about sins of the tongue, such as cutting remarks, rambling without listening, deception and semi-lying, gossip and slander, inappropriate humour or thoughtless statements?

5. Do you see signs of growth in the fruit of the Spirit? Can you give examples in which you responded in a new way – with love, joy, patience, honesty, humility or self-control – in a situation that a year or two ago you would not have?

6. Are you coming to discern false idolatrous motives for some of the good service you do? Are you seeing that many things you thought you did for God you are actually doing for other reasons? Are you coming to see areas of your life in which you have resisted the Lord’s will?

7. Are you seeing new ways to be better stewards of the talents, gifts, relationships, wealth and other assets that God has given you?

8. Are you having any seasons of the sweet delight that the Spirit brings? Are you finding certain promises extremely precious? Are you getting answers to prayers? Are you getting times of refreshing from reading or listening to the Word?

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Contributed by Bernard Lewis – February 2014

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