Who we are

We are Christians from a variety of backgrounds, with different temperaments and personalities, saved by Jesus Christ, by God’s grace despite our unworthiness, and we want to live our lives to His glory.

Pastor: Revd Bernard Lewis

Elders: Ian Davies, Gareth James, Trevor McMillen


Deacons: George Heward,  Neil Jenkins, Paul Jenkins, Isaac Lewis, Dave Pegington,


The Fellowship now known as Emmanuel Evangelical Church was founded in 1866 following a visit of Charles Haddon Spurgeon to Newport in the previous year when many thousands of people assembled in the Cattle Market to hear him preach.

For over eight years the congregation met in a variety of locations, including a sail-loft and rented halls. Then in 1875 a Baptist Chapel was opened in Alma Street and our Church continued to meet there and was known as Alma Street Baptist Church for over 100 years.

Following the unwillingness of the Baptist Union to discipline the College Principal who had denied the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ at its Annual Assembly, our Church withdrew from its membership and has continued to make a humble and yet determined and vigorous stand for the evangelical faith.

Shortly afterwards the old premises in Alma Street were compulsorily acquired by the Council and demolished in 1976. For almost 18 months we me in the YMCA while the present building was being constructed. It was opened on November 12th 1977.

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