How we worship

Our Sunday services are usually led by our Pastor, but increasingly we are including other leaders and members of the congregation. We focus on the centrality of the Bible and the preaching of the Gospel of Salvation. We do not follow a rigid pattern but our services include hymns (contemporary and traditional); prayer; Bible reading and preaching where the Bible is expounded. We use the “English Standard Version” of the Bible for worship and study because its translators sought to render the closest possible equivalent to the original in modern English. Members of the church and congregation also use a variety of other translations according to individual preference.

The Wednesday meeting provides a forum for open prayer, usually held at the chapel, but once a month in local groups. Various other meetings provide opportunities for fellowship, teaching, discussion and outreach.

“Music plays an integral part in the Sunday services and most other meetings in the Church. For the Sunday services the accompaniment for singing is provided by an Allen computer organ, and the hymnbook used is the 2006 revised version of ‘Christian Hymns’, which contains a wide selection of traditional and contemporary hymns. The monthly hymn-singing session, held after an evening service, has proved to be very popular, when favourite hymns are chosen, new hymns are learnt, and various singing groups and soloists are able to take part. A number of members provide the accompaniments in the various meetings.” Philip Watson

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